Mix it Up! at Lake Martin 256-825-6408 128 N Broadnax Street Dadeville,AL 36853 (across from the Courthouse)

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To place Orders  call 256 825 6408. Tuesday-friday10am-5pm Saturdays  10am-2pm 
Mix it Up! at Lake Martin 256-825-6408 128 N Broadnax Street Dadeville,AL 36853 (across from the Courthouse)
"Walk in and create" You mix up, Spa Product bases, with mica powder for color, essential oils or fragrance and create/make your own:Lotions, perfume body Spray, Cologne Body Spray, Puppypoo,Kittypoo(shampoo for your dog/cat)Lip Balm, HandmadeSoaps and so much More.Try our  Our "Soy candle that melts into Lotion" Party, Yep, you heard that right. a candle, when melted, you may use it as a warm lotion. and We Make it in store!!Let us host your Birthday Party, "Ladies Get out party" baby Shower, Clubs Church groups and everyone will leave with an Original Creation! Mix it Up! Tiki Hut, proudly serving Italian Ice, coffee, Hot Teas, Hot Chocolate, and Soft drinks. Come join the fun @ Mix it Up! at Lake Martin. 

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Now serving Italian Ice!!!
Also Available
Coffee, Hot Tea, Soft Drinks, Italian Soda's,Snacks
Have you tried our Soy Candle that melts into lotion? It is Awesome!!!
made from Soy wax (Enviromentally friendly) $8.99 6oz $10.99 8oz. Bring your jar for a refill and get a $1 off:)
a few of our scents.. love spell, lavender,sweet pea,plumeria,ezra(men),and many more!!
Soy wax creates a
"SOOT FREE" candle, no black smoke emission!
Environmentally friendly!
Our products support our nation's farmers.
"Create Your Own Prices for "Create Your Own"

Spa Body Collection /Spa Products Collection                    
  • Salt Art
  • Monster Spray
  • Lotion
  • Body Scrub
  • Massage Oil
  • Lip Balm
  • Bath Soaks
  • Belly Warmers for Kids(Natural Hot/Cold Wraps)
  • Neck Wraps
  • and More
  • Bracelets

  • Face Painting
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Scrub/Hand Massage &Fingernail Paint

Let Us Host Your Party!

  • Your own Party Host
  • Your Choice of Creation/s
  • Private Party Room
Add ons                    Price for a Mix it Up Party

Massage Therapy        Chair Massage
Benefits of Massage Therapy

Prices for Massage Therapy

Infant Massage Class

Benefits of Infant Massage
Aids in bonding between infant a
nd caregiver.
Development of Baby physically and emotionally.
and so much more!

Class will address..

*Basic infant massage Techniques 

*Introduction to special needs such as

Colic*Sinus* congestion *Tear Duct Obstruction

Who should attend?   Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings, Caregivers.

Traditionally each participate will bring their baby to practice on,However if your baby isn't feeling well- or just "not in the mood "you may want to bring a baby doll instead .