Prices for a Mix it Up! Party

Let Us Host Your Party!

Party Fee $75

Contact us to schedule your party
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includes the following:
  • Upstairs Private Party Room 2hrs
  • Set Up/Clean Up
  • Your own Party Host

Creations $4 to $15 Prices for a Mix it Up! Party
Creations are priced from $4 to $15 each
You choose how many, and what you will create

Add Ons

Cake Package $35 (Serves 20-25)
  • 1/4 Sheet Cake,Plates,Forks,Napkins

2 liters $2.25 each (serves 8 to 10)
  • Sprite
  • Diet Coke
Kool Aid Jammers $3.00 for 10

Coke,Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, Sprite, Bottled Water .50 each

Specialty Cakes--- 9 inch round/3 layers(serves 20-25)

Homemade by Jill White Harris

Red Velvet  $30.00
Chocolate Cake $20.00
Strawberry $25.00

Prices may change without notice

You are welcome to provide your own refreshments

How much for a Mix it Up Party?


$75------- Party Fee
                                                  +$64------(8) guest creating(2)@$4 each creation

                                      $139       =Party of 8 with 2  creations each


If you would like us to provide Cake, and other Refreshments here's an Example

  $139 ----Party Of 8 with 2 creations @ $4 each

                                     $35 ----Cake package
$6 ----(3)2 Liter drinks
                 ONLY    = $180.00    For ALL this!