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About Wendy/Owner

Wendy White Hodge is a Licensed Massage Therapist. While at Montgomery School of Bodywork and Massage,She was introduced to Aromatherapy,Spa Therapies, and Many Modalities of Massage Therapy. This introduction inspired her to venture deeper in her "Unique Calling" for a "Positive Touch" on People's Lives. As a Christian, she was always searching for her place or calling. In her early 20's being a Singer/Songwriter, She was given an opportunity to travel with a band,this was a perfect outlet. She saw the world differently than most. And the songs seemed to write themselves, while immersed in the work of concerts,talking and praying with people. But the "Music Life" became more about miles of asphalt and less time communicating with Humanity. Wendy felt constantly torn inside, Feeling drawn in a new direction Her Husband, Deryck shared a verse of Scripture,he'd been reading...
"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you" 1 Thessalonians 4:11
They were both searching, and God invaded their lives with those words, from 1 Thessalonians.  They returned to their home town in Dadeville, Alabama and began to "fall back in love" with their community. They returned to school, Deryck at Auburn University and Wendy at Central Alabama Community College. Wendy soon learned, that "empty hands" were easier for God to Fill than hands that were "already Full".  God began to pour out opportunities to meet people, and be involved in the Community. Including having little baby girls "Zoe Noel Hodge" in 2003,and "Waverly Brynn Hodge" 2006. After CACC Wendy had dabbled in Books about Massage Therapy, especilly now that she had a baby, and she started realizing the importance of touch and how her newborn responded positivly to touch. and so the quest started. In Fall 2003 she enrolled in Montgomery School of Bodywork and Massage in Montgomery, Alabama. Under the Direction of Kristi Duncan, Wendy was introduce to a Fountain of Knowledge and Information that would overcome her Heart and give her the Vision to "Positively Touch" the People she encounters for the rest of her life. Mix it up! at Lake Martin is a Product of her life's work.  To describe it in a few words is difficult. Massage Therapy,Create your own Spa Products, Face Painting, and much, why not just visit us to see, why we say "Warning .....Fun is Contagious here at Mix it up!"